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Events and Activities

The GSDHS offers many fun events, professional development opportunities, and community service volunteer activities throughout the year. Some of these activities are done in connection with the Washington State Dental Hygienists' Association. For upcoming events see the GSDHS Calendar and the WDHA website.

Legislative Day (Rally Day) - Each January dental hygienist members of WDHA gather at our state's capital in Olympia to bring issues of concern to the profession of dental hygiene to the attention of our elected legislators. Appointments are made with individual legislators, allowing one-on-one discussions.

WDHA Oral Health Symposium - This is an annual 2-day continuing education event, comprised of ongoing classes of particular interest to dental hygienists. WDHA members are offered a discount on the cost of registration. This event provides an excellent opportunity for socialization with fellow hygienists. Vendors also provide samples of their products, and are available to answer questions.

WHY-PAC Auction - Individuals and components, GSDHS included, donate items and services to this annual auction to benefit the Washington Dental Hygienists' Political Action Committee (WHY-PAC). This is a fun event allowing the purchase of a variety of items.

Special Olympics - GSDHS volunteers man booths each year at the Special Olympics at Fort Lewis. GSDHS volunteers offer a beanbag toss to help athletes and their families pass the time between events. We also hand out dental goodies to athletes and their families.

ADHA Annual Session - At this annual meeting, ADHA officers and elected delegates gather to conduct the business of ADHA. Proposed changes to ADHA policy and bylaws are voted upon. Forums and special interest groups also meet. Numerous continuing education courses are offered, and Dental Hygiene Show featuring many vendors is offered. At the Marketplace, member components and constituents offer items for sale. Tours of local attractions are available. This week-long event is hosted by a different constituent each year, and thus takes place in a different city each year.

WDHA House of Delegates - Officers and elected delegates gather for this annual business meeting to deal with the policy and bylaws of the members of Washington Dental Hygienists' Association. A continuing education course is offered in conjunction with this weekend event. Greater Seattle DHS sends between 13 and 15 elected delegates to this meeting, as well as a trustee and alternate delegates. This event is hosted by a different component each year, and thus has no fixed location.

For more information about upcoming GSDHS activities check the GSDHS Calendar and the WDHA website.

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